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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a minimum number of guests? Yes, there is a 25 person guest minimum.


What is your maximum party number? We can accommodate groups of up to 150 guests.


Do you provide plates, napkins and/or utensils? Yes! The set-up fee includes white plastic plates, paper napkins and silver disposable utensils. 

Do you provide servers? Our staff size is based on each event. Events of less than 50 guests have a server included in the set-up fee. Events of 50+ guests may require additional servers.  *Additional servers and cooks are required for wedding events

How far do you travel? We travel within 30 miles of our home base of Wareham, Ma.. Travel outside of this area will incur an additional fee.

What do you need from me? We need a space of about 20' x 20' to accommodate our oven, refrigerator unit and prep tables as well as access to a standard electrical unit for our refrigerator.

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